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General cursor information you will find on my Troubleshooting page too

- Cursor installation
- Charge for download
- Cursor not animated 1
- Cursor not animated 2
- Cursor trail / bubbles
- ZIP archives
- Own cursor on webpage
- Plug-in download

- XL-cursors
- Files not accessible
- 256 color cursors
- Where are downloaded files
- Create cursors
- Unzip problem
- Forbidden site hint
- Unknown file
- High color cursors
- Cursor changes when pressed
- Icons on desktop
- Windows Explorer icons
- Animated desktop icons
- Win XP cursor shadow missing
- Large pattern
- Virus check
- Sound to cursors
- AOL: program to open
- EXE-files
- Download gif files
- Link select cursor
- Bookmark-icon
- Animation follows cursor
- Black background

Cursor installation
Q:   I think the cursors are great, just I dont know how to make my Windows thing use them. Can you tell me how?
A:   The following is a pure text description how to install cursors. For an explanation with pictures look here.

You have to install animated cursors / cursors in Windows before you can use them. Copy the files to your choice of folder.

I. Older Windows versions:
Choose "Start/Settings/Control Panel/Mouse" - continue with III.

II. Vista and Win7
Start control panel, go to
a) "Hardware and Sound" / "Mouse" OR
b) "Appearance and Personalization" / "Change Desktop background" / "Change Mouse pointers"
- continue with III.

III. Then same handling in all Windows versions:
Click on the "Pointer" tab. Select a pointer, for example "Normal Select" or "Busy". Double-click on it. Then choose a cursor from your choice of folder. A single click will give a preview in the bottom left corner. The animation is a little bit slow, but in reality the animated cursors run alot faster. Finally press "APPLY" and click "OK" to exit and confirm the animated cursor as your cursor.

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Charge ?
Q:   What is the charge for downloading one of your products ?
A:   You can download all cursor files and the programs for free, there's no charge. Most programs and cursors are Freeware, only a few Shareware. Please follow the special instructions in the Shareware files. In most cases you can use this Shareware files 3 or 4 weeks for free, after that period you have to pay a little fee to the program or cursor author if you will use it later too.
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Cursor not animated (1)
Q:   My cursors are b/w and not animated. What's the matter ?
A:   Animated cursors only work, if 32-bit disk and memory access is running. This is the norm if you are using protected-mode disk drivers. If your cursors are not animated, look "Settings / Control Panel / System / Performance Tab" in Win95/98, where you can see the performance of the system and the access. The File System entry should read "32-bit". If you see the note "Some drives are using MS-DOS compatibility", you found the reason for not-animated cursors. You find some hints for the cause of non-32-bit access at the window too. Select an Item and click "Detail" for more information. Maybe you have loaded old 16-bit drivers/real-mode drivers (CD-Rom, Scanner, Zip Drive with installed guest.exe ...). In that case, exchange the old drivers for new Windows-drivers. More information and more possible causes (software / hardware incompatibility e.g.) you will find on my Troubleshooting page.
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Cursor not animated (2)
Q:   My computer does not run animated cursors on my desktop but if i open them in another application it works i am wondering if i am missing some drivers or something please let me know what is wrong if you know
A:   Yes, it's possible that you can see animated cursors working in cursor editors or special programs or in the mouse settings windows and they are not animated on the desktop at the same time. This programs and the mouse settings feature simulate a proper system and so cursors 'work'. But in reality there's a problem on your system which prevents the correct use of animated cursors. There are several reasons possible for non-animated cursors, more information you will find on my troubleshooting page.
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Cursor trail / bubbles
Q:  I have visited some sites that have specialized cursors that have an image and a tail that trails behind the cursor as you roll over the page. I would like to know how to do this.
A:   This effect is based on DHTML javascripts for webpages which works with the browsers Netscape 4 / MSIE 4 and later only and the javascript option must be activated in the browser settings. It doesn't work on the normal Windows desktop, only in a browser window ...

Please visit the following homepages where you will find more info about the cursor trail effect in general.

Good explication:

Explication and examples (you can copy them... ):

Examples (you can copy them... ):

The DHTML effects ON MY SITE can be found here. Please go to my DHTML page, where you will find several javascripts I use on my pages.

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ZIP archives
Q:   I don't know what to do with the zip files I downloaded from your side.
A:   Most animated cursors are stored as ZIP-files (xyz.zip). ZIP-files are compressed files and you have to extract them with an external program. If you compress ANI-files as ZIP-files the file-size reduces itself on about 90 percent ! For extracting you can use ZIP-programs like PKUNZIP (Dos) or Winzip (Windows) - view ZIP file contents before downloading. Virus Scan included. This programs are Shareware.
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Own cursor on webpage
Q:   On some webpages my browser cursor changes into another cursor, what's that ?
A:  Yes, you can display own cursors on a webpage instead of the systems standard cursor.

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 you can use your own animated or static cursor (normal select) on your webpage instead of the standard system cursor. All you have to do is add a little code to your HTML-documents Body-tag or to the CSS-stylesheet and upload the cursor file (*.ani or *.cur) to your server next to the HTML-file.

More information about including own cursors on your website you will find in my tutorial "How to use your own cursor on your website"

Formerly there was a second way too. On several webpages the owner were using a special technology using a plug-in for Netscape browsers or Active-X for MSIE browsers on the users side and a special HTML code on the webmasters side.
This system was published by a company called Comet Systems. There was a commercial version and a free version too. In the free version you had to select a cursor from a preselected group of cursors....
The past time there were several informations that the plugin-software has to be classified as Spyware. Today the company doesn't exist anymore and the company websites are offline.

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Plug-in download
Q:   When I visit some websites my browser invites me to download a Comet Cursor plug-in, what's that ?
A:   This plug-in will allow you to see customized cursors on Comet Cursor enhanced homepages. For example you will see another pointer or a logo instead of your normal cursor. See question 'Cursor on webpage' above too ... The past time there were several informations that the plugin-software has to be classified as Spyware. The company doesn't exist anymore, so the question should not appear anymore on websites
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XL cursors
Q:   I'm looking for info how to increase the cursors size. Would you be able to tell me whether or not I would be able to get a cursor program that increases the cursor's size to Jumbo say 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
A:   You can create cursors more large than 32x32 pixels with special cursor editors, for example AX-Cursors (up to 72x72 pixels), but only Win NT supports this extra large cursors. With other Windows versions they nevertheless will appear as 32x32 pixel cursors.

Please visit my Special Edition page 'Special Cursors'. There you will find some extra large cursors in 32x32 pixel size for visually impaired people.
Win 2000 and XP support special software which increases the size of existing 32x32 pixel-cursors.

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Files not accessible
Q:   The cursor files are not accessible ?
A:  I have stored most of the cursor files on the list on America Online servers. This servers are very fast but sometimes the AOL servers are down for maintenance. If you cannot download cursor files on the list at this moment I guess you visit my site just in the moment where the AOL Servers are down and so the files are not accessible now. I'm very sorry. Please try it again later.
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256 color cursors
Q:   I downloaded some icons, they are 32x32 pixels 16 color and 256 color. They do not show in 256 color in the windows browser or elsewhere just 16 color, but if looked at in the Microangelo browser they show in 256 color. My pc settings are True Color and 800 by 600 pixels.
A:   Windows can't make out the use of 256 color cursors and icons automatically and displays them always in only 16 colors... Click here for more information.
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Where are the files ?
Q:   I can't find the cursor archives after I downloaded them.
A:   There are two ways to find the files:

1.) You downloaded the cursor archives using your browser: Please open your browser and search for a menu like 'File / Save As'. Open that menu. There you can see a little file manager and there's one folder already opened. In that folder you should find the stored files.

2.) Do you remember one of the file names ? In that case go 'Start / Search' in Windows and enter the exact file name or a part in the search engine. As search result you will see the folder where you have stored the file.

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Create cursors
Q:   I want to create my own animated cursors. Do I need a special program ?
A:   Creating animated cursors is very easy. All you need is an animated cursor-editor. The editor has the same functions as a paint program. You create the cursor like a cartoon. The cursor consists of several singles frames and it's your task to paint this singles frames. A simple editor is Microsoft's Aniedit. You will find Aniedit and seven more professional editors on my Utilities page. Some remarks to Aniedit are available on my Troubleshooting page. More detailed information about the creation of animated cursors you will find in my online tutorial "how to make animated cursors" too.

You can create simple static cursors (*.cur) online, in your webbrowser, on the following website: rw-designer.com.

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Unzip problem
Q:   I've just downloaded a cursor archive. There is some problem when unzipping the file. The error message is: "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be not a valid archive".
A:   It sometimes happens that there is a little break while downloading a file on the internet because of bad connections. In that case you may receive a corrupt file and the unzip program can't open it. Please download the file once again.
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Forbidden site
Q:   I tried to download some of the cursors, then I got this message that read "Content Advisor will not allow you to see this sight."
A:   I think there's a blocking software (Cyber Patrol, Net Nanny, Cybersitter, SurfWatch, Net Rated ...) installed on your pc. It's an application that provides the capability to filter adult oriented material, offensive language and pornography on the Internet. In most cases this programs are installed on computers at school, at universities or at home where parents want to keep their childs from adult material. Seems the application on your computer has detected some words on my homepages which sound adult oriented and for this reason you can't open my site.
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Unknown file
Q:   I downloaded your animated cursors, then when I try to load them I get this message "MUANI.EXE is need for opening animated cursors."
A:   MUANI.EXE is a file which comes with the Cursor Editor Microangelo. It's the file where you start the cursor editor. You probably had installed Microangelo on your computer and removed it in the meanwhile.
When you install a new cursor editor on your computer, Windows creates a shortcut for the animated cursor file extension *.ani and in future Windows will open all *.ani files using this special cursor editor. And you get an error message if the editor has removed ...

How to install cursors.

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High Color Cursors
Q:   Why do the animated cursors only support 8-bit color and not support High Color ? Where can I get an editor with this capabilities ?
A:   There are several cursor editors available.

Aniedit and Icon Make It support only 16 colors.

Other cursor editors support 256 colors (IconEdit Pro, Take ONE and Pro Motion)

Four cursor editors support high color / true color - Icon Easel, Icon Forge, Microangelo 98 and AX-Cursors. You can download the editors via my Utilities page.

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Cursor changes when pressed
Q:   I need a cursor that sparks or clicks or does some attention-getting action when pressed.
A:   This sort of animated cursor doesn't exist. Windows doesn't support cursors which change there look by clicking the mouse in it's own mouse menu. But there is a special program created by Stardock that will add this functionality, it is called CursorXP. There is a free version and a plus version. The plus version (9.95 USD) includes the feature. More info here: CursorXP. Many thanks to Ron for the hint.
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Icons on desktop
Q:   Okay...I know it' really probably simple, but, I've got tons of icons, how do I get them into *.dll files to use them on Windows?.
A:   There's no problem to change or add shortcut icons on the desktop. You don't need to get them into *.dll files. Just right-click on the existing shortcut icon, select Properties, then Change Icon from the Shortcut tab. Select any icon (*.ICO ) or BMP filename and assign it to the shortcut.
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Explorer icons
Q:   When i installed my new paint program it made all my icons for my cursors in Explorer an icon of the paint program icon and now i can't go through Explorer and look at all the cursors and what they look like.
A:   To restore this functionality go into the regedit app and navigate to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder and find the folder for the anifile - .ANI - below all of the three letter extensions in the top of the key. Open the folder and make sure there is a subfolder called "DefaultIcon". You won't have one but you can verify the presence by looking at the file types that are working (displaying). For the broken one create this folder and then make the default string %1. Exemplary graphic
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Animated desktop icons
Q:   I was just curious if you might have or can get a program for animated icons on someones Windows desktop.
A:   here's a little program that animates icons on the desktop. You can use gifs or animated gifs too. It's called Icon hear-iT 98. More information on the Icon Hear-iT 98 homepage.
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Large pattern
Q:   I made an animation hoping I could make it into an animated cursor using Take One. One problem is that I made it in 400x400 to get good detail but am unable to get it into a .ani that works.
A:   Unfortunately the transformation from 400x400 into 32x32 pixels causes a big reduction in quality. Most cursors are unsuitable then but there's no better result possible. Here's the description how to get it done in Take One:
Open the animation file then choose the menue 'Sequence/Change Format'. Choose 'Dimensions New Size' and enter format 32x32 (regard the original picture ratio - never do enter more than 32 pixels) AND activate Options 'Stretch to Size'. Then click OK. Ready, you can save the sequence now. Maybe you still have to work the single cursor frames because of some colored picture defects. Open the animated cursor file and use the paint tools. Paint over the defects with white color or create a transparent background.
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Virus scan
Q:  I was wondering about downloading some cursors.....do you virus scan the files before they are linked to your site?
A:  Off course. I check them for viruses two times using three different virus programs.

Irrespective of the files on my list - you generally should use a virus program on your computer if you surf the Internet or receive files via Internet or floppy disk sometimes.

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Sound to cursors
Q:  I was wondering....can you add sound to cursors?
A:  As far as I know you cannot add sound to normal cursors. I don't know whether it's possible with special programs, but I never saw a program with this feature somewhere ...
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AOL: program to open?
Q:  Every time I try to download a cursor archive, it says I have to have a program to open it. What program do I use ?
A:  Well, some AOL program versions tell you (after a click on a link to a zip file) that you have choosen a 'document with a content type of application/zip'. Then the program is asking 'would you like to set up an application to present this type of document ?'. Choose the option 'No' ! After that a file manager window appears where you can select a directory or folder where to download the file. Select a folder and click OK, the download starts...
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Q:  While looking at your page in the games cursors i saw some EXE files. I know EXE arnt cursors. Are these files safe?
A:  Well, this exe files are not classic exe files. In that cases they are self-extracting compressed files. Included in this *.exe files you will find compressed animated cursor files - like you find cursor files in the normal *.zip archives. You extract this animated cursor files by double click the *.exe file in the Windows-Explorer or another file manager. As I said *.exe archive files are self-extracting so you don't need an external program (no special Unzip program e.g.). That's the reason some people compress their cursors using *.exe files. I check all the files before uploading them to my server. I extract every file and I search every file for viruses using three different virus scanners. So you can trust the files ...
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Download gif files
Q:  Every time I download an animated icon/cursor the extension is .gif ?
A:  If there is an animated picture on a homepage (on my anigif page or my danicurs pages e.g.) it's ALWAYS an animated gif. You cannot display animated cursors on a homepage without converting them into an (animated) gif before. This animated gif's are only examples for animated cursors. If you want to use the animated cursors themselves you have to download the original animated cursor files which usually are included in zip or exe file archives.
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Link select cursor
Q:  I have installed link select cursors in Win98 but they don't show up when I'm on line with IE5, just on the desktop & in my computer.
A:  Yes, that's right. The installation of a link select cursor in the windows mouse settings doesn't change the link select cursor in webbrowsers. Unfortunately I don't know a way to change the link select cursor in the browser settings.
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Q:  I bookmarked your page and i saw a symbol right next to the URL. I am wondering if you could tell me how to do the same for my page ...
A:  This icon next to the bookmark entry is a MS Internet Explorer 5 feature and it's very easy to make this feature available for your site too. All you have to do is upload your own 32x32 pixel icon to your server, just into the folder where you store your HTML files. The name of the icon MUST be favicon.ico ...
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Animation follows cursor
Q:  There are several animations on your page (dog, eye, butterfly, snoopy) following the cursors. What's that ?
A:  Well, this animations are not normal animated cursors you can install on your computer using the cursor installation menu. It's a special javascript for webpages which works with the browsers Netscape larger 4 and MSIE larger 4 only (DHTML feature included). It doesn't work on the normal Windows desktop, only in a browser window ... Go to the DHTML cursor page. There you can download the javascripts and add them to your homepage.
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Win XP cursor shadow missing
Q:  Even if I have activated the cursor shadow in my Win XP the shadow doesn't appear with my favourite cursor, with other cursors it works.
A:  There are two possible causes:
Some cursor editors support a feature named "inverted colors". This means the background of a cursor or parts of it appear in negative colors. It seems Win 2000 and Win XP don't like this inverted colors in a cursor. In case you install a cursor which includes inverted colors Win 2000 and XP don't show the cursor shadow even if you have activated the check box on the pointer tab in "Start / Settings / Control Panel / Mouse"-menu. By the way, if there are many cursor frames and only a few cursor-frames include inverted colors, the shadow disapperas only while this frames appear, the cursor shadow flickers.

In addition there are shadow problems with cursor formats with 32-bit color depth (Windows XP cursors with alpha channel). Even if the shadow feature is activated in Win 2000 or XP the shadow doesn't appear on the desktop.

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Black background
Q:  I have installed a very nice pointer cursor, but around the pointer I see a disturbing black background
A:  You probably have running Win NT on your computer and the cursor is a true color cursor such as Danicurs 6 - 9. Win NT displays the transparent areas of a true color cursor as spoiling black areas. There are no problems with other windows versions and true color cursors so far. The Danicurs true color cursors are available for Win NT too in a 256 color version without black background (look on the Danicurs pages for download). Picture displaying this problem.
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