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Link to Dierks cursors Animated Cursors
Cursors, information, troubleshooting, tools, tutorial how to create cursors...
Link to then and now page Then and Now
Cologne then and now page. Watch this fantastic time travel with many photomontages ...
Link to Cologne page Cologne
Dierk's home town in Germany. Photos and information about city and cathedral
Link to photos page Photos
Photos from journeys. Campania, New York, Formentera, Milan, Tuskany... (german descriptions)
Link to guestbook Guestbook
You like my homepage ? Please don't forget to sign my guestbook...
Link to particulars page Particulars
Dierk has created this homepage. Here you will find his particulars...
Link to fun page Fun
Several fun pages. Dierk-Cam, wake up Dierk, delete internet...
Link to tank duel page Special
Pictures / information about the famous tank duel at the Cologne cathedral on March 6, 1945
Link to excel page Excel programs
Several Excel programs for german users... (german language)
Link to award page Awards
Several awards Dierk's page has won during the past years...

NEW Cologne at the end of the war - Then and Now
More than 70 photomontages are available now, old war photos and 2000s photos composed together in one new picture. Follow the US Army on their advance in the modern Cologne city.


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